Air Relax Compression Therapy

What Is Air Relax?

Air Relax is an air compression therapy recovery system. 

It is a state of the art sequential air compression pump which hooks up to various sleeve accessories via hoses.

How does Air Relax work?

Air Relax Compression Therapy

Once you are wearing your Air Relax compression sleeves and you turn on
your Air Relax

You will feel the sleeve start to fill with air (like a blood pressure machine).

…Then, as if you took a magic pill,

You will begin to feel all the tension, pain and pressure begin to melt away as your body’s lymphatic system begins to circulate.

What are the benefits of compression therapy?

Check this out,

By using the Air Relax Compression Therapy system you will begin to feel, almost immediately, your body start to heal and repair itself.

Key Benefits Include:

  1. Helps relieve knee problems.
  2. Swelling legs
  3. Tension
  4. Varicose veins
  5. Water retention
  6. Cramps
  7. Improves blood & lymphatic system circulation
  8. Nourishes cells and improves waste elimination.
  9. Helps with cellulite reduction and cellulitis
  10. Massages and relaxes tense muscles.

Air Relax Compression Therapy For Sports Recovery

What most people dont know…

…It is important to have a recovery plan whenever participating or competing in any endurance event. 

The more time you spend exerting yourself, the more time you also need to spend recovering properly. 

This increases in importance every year you get older.

Why Use Air Relax?

The Air Relax Compression Therapy System is the most cost efficient way for your body to heal and repair itself. Its impressive how incredibly better you will after just 10-15 minutes using the Air Relax Compression System.

Thousands of people just like you, with all sorts of pain have made their Air Relax their most prized possession.


  • It’s almost like having your own personal, professional masseuse on call, 24/7.
  • Its a very simple, yet completely effective concept. You slide on a sleeve, whether it’s a waist
    sleeve, leg & foot sleeves or arm sleeves. The sleeves fill with air, and compress your body.
  • Circulating the blood through the lymphatic system and healing your muscles, Air Relax will permit you to live the comfortable, and pain free life you’ve always deserved.


Air Relax – Recovery Boots / Leg Cuffs


  • Standard 30-Inch Inseam
  • Opening: 27-Inch
  • Mid Thigh: 24-Inch
  • Knee: 20-Inch
  • Calf: 18-Inch
  • Ankle: 16-Inch]
  • Arch(Instep): 13-Inch




The Air Relax leg cuffs are included with your purchase of an Air Relax machine. Enjoy these recovery boots after biking, hiking, endurance training or any strenuous activity. Include it as a part of your physical therapy routine (make sure you clear this with your physician FIRST).


(One at a time, unless you have 2 machines)

air relax compression therapy

air relax compression therapy



Did you know?…

air relax compression therapy

Many professional offices and clinics are not implementing Air Relax as part of an ongoing therapy for each of their clients?

Many professionals in the medical field are now choosing to keep the Air Relax systems in their offices, simply because it has shown OUTSTANDING results in recovery and the healing of their patients.

Their customer service is outstanding, even providing a 1 year warranty on the pump itself, along with 1 year warranties on ALL sleeves purchased.

If you are serious about your recovery, and your overall health, then you need to seriously consider having this system in your home, so that you too can use it at your convenience.



“The minute I received this unit, I got it out of the box, which was packaged superbly, put the leg sleeves on, zipped it up, plugged it in and turned it on. Woohoo! 15 min. Later I had a noticeable difference in my severe edema. I was concerned the sleeves wouldn’t fit at first because my ankles and feet are so big, but a little adjusting and it fit perfectly. The squeeze on these cuffs when inflated is quite powerful, but I have figured out ways to deal with the intense pressure. Without it being that strong I don’t think it would be near as effective. I’m using this twice a day gor 15 a time. Great quality made product!”

on July 22

“NO WORDS CAN CONVEY THE WONDERFUL Relief from chemo and AI pain, helps with puffiness. Should be standard issue for neuropathy and other pains. Before this I would stretch then cringe into ball in misery – this give me an escape. Before this Massager, I was trying to weigh quality of life versus quantity of life – this is critical for me to get both. ”

By – Regular Joe On June 5th

“I have been suffering with lymphedema for a number of years. This machine allows me to sit at my desk and decrease the amount of fluid in my legs and feet while I am working. Of course if I lay down with my feet up, it works even better. Overall, this machine has significantly reduced the swelling in my legs and feet through using it everyday. This is the best treatment I have found in conjunction with my prescription compression stockings and regular exercise.”

By – Amazon Customer On July 11th


Air relax compression therapy